EXCEL'S Tank product has great selection of color and sizes, produced using RotoMoulding and Full Automated System technology to generate Triple Construction System and Dual Concrete System on its wall.


Roto Moulding

Best Selling Tangki Air Stainless dan Septic Tank
Best Selling Tandon Air
  1. Structure Layer
    First wall structure is designed to withstand tank’s weight and UV rays with high solidity and durability.
  2. High Performance Absorbing Foam
    Intended to absorb impact, stabilize water pressure and add flexibility to tank’s structure.
  3. Deluxe Bright Tech
    Non-staining, non-odor absorbing and easy to clean layer to detain mold/algae & dirt.
Best Selling Tangki Air
  1. Structure Layer
    Extra solid + Extra thick to endure extreme heat and UV Rays.
  2. Deluxe Bright Tech + Special Materials
    Formulated to withstand chemical corrosion.
    *See Chemical Chart and consult with us your chemical storage needs.

Full Automated System

Full Automated Machine
Best Selling Genteng UPVC

New and improved technology: full automated machine precision + HMW-HDPE materials + better color pigmentation resulting in stronger and more elastic tank. The strongest and sleekest PE tank in Indonesia in comparison with any available tank on the market.

EXCEL Product Resistance to various chemicals

Ketahanan Produk Tandon Air Excel

Ketahanan Produk Atap UPVC